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5 RV Utility Upgrades And Mods - RV Upgrades #1


Upgrading your RV is a great way to personalize your rig. Here are some upgrades I would classify in the utility group. Each upgrade has a link below on the full video of the install and review. The first upgrade is a LevelMatePro. They are on the third generation of this great device. It attaches to the RV wall and helps you level the RV to within a quarter inch. It transmits via Bluetooth to your smartphone screen letting you know exactly where to raise and lower the RV.

Acurite Wireless Thermometer

RV refrigerators are known as absorption refrigerators. It is a good idea to monitor the temperature to make sure the temps stay in the safe range. This Acurite Wireless Thermometer allows you to monitor the fridge temps and even set alarms if it gets above a designated temperature. It comes with the display unit and two sensors.

Deluxe RV Refrigerator Evaporator Fan

The RV refrigerator also benefits from having a fan inside to help circulate the cold air. There are cooling fin fans that come as a Deluxe RV Refrigerator Evaporator Fan or a 13" Triple Fan Deluxe Frost Guard RV Refrigerator Evaporator Fan. You can even purchase a Fugetek 12V DC Brushless Blower Cooling Fan that works extremely well. These fans will help the RV fridge stay at a consistent temperature. They are made by a small American business so they do run out of stock occasionally.

Blue Streak Chemical Dispenser RV Kit

I have been using this upgrade for 25 years and it is still one of my favorites. It is called Blue Streak Chemical Dispenser RV Kit. It is an automatic RV black holding tank treatment dispenser. Each time you flush, the dispenser allows a predetermined amount of Blue Streak Chemical into the black tank. What's so nice is the RV toilet bowl water is blue and has a soft powder scent. You can buy one, three, or six Blue Streak Chemical Refills.

AiLi Battery Monitor

An RV uses a 12v electrical system that is powered by batteries. Maintaining those batteries starts with monitoring them. This AiLi Battery Monitor costs a fraction of others with similar features. It will display current voltage, amp-hours remaining, percentage, how many amp-hours are being used, and how many amp-hours are being replenished. This is an upgrade worthy of going on the top of the list.

Better Living Ulti-Mate Dispenser shower caddy

Bottles of shampoo and soap are always difficult to deal with in a small RV shower. In addition, they all must be stored away when traveling. This handy Better Living Ulti-Mate Dispenser stores conditioner, shampoo, and soap for easy use when showering. It's a trouble-free solution to keep the shower area clean and efficient. Also listed here is an Oxygenics Hand Held Shower Head. This is a very common RV upgrade by new RV owners. This showerhead is designed to amplify the existing water pressure. It is a huge improvement over most standard RV showerheads. Below are links to videos on each upgrade in addition to links where to purchase.

Watch the video below to see the upgrades

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