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RV Water Heater Ignition Control Board Replacement - Dinosaur Electronics UIB 64

Atwood RV Water Heater GC6AA-10E

I have an Atwood 6 gallon electric/gas water heater, model# GC6AA-10E, on my RV. I routinely maintain the water heater. You can check out my article about the maintenance of the RV water heater by clicking HERE. Recently the water heater was igniting but instantly turned off. After some diagnosing, I determined it was the control board. Instead of replacing it with an OEM control board, I installed an aftermarket control board made by Dinosaur Electronics. It is an American-made product and comes with a three-year warranty.

Dinosaur Electronics UIB 64 water heater control board

The model is a Dinosaur Electronics UIB 64 and it comes preconfigured for a 4+6 pin or 10 pin Dometic/Atwood RV water heater. It can also be configured for other model water heaters by the removal of jumpers on the board. Included were the control board, mounting screws, a back mounting plate, and a cover. This was a simple plug-and-play replacement for my Atwood.

Dinosaur Electronics UIB 64 back mounting plate

To remove the old control board I unplugged the 4 pin and 6 pin connectors and the sparker spade connector. The board itself is mounted to the water heater with two small screws. I mounted the new back mounting plate in the existing two screw holes.

dinosaur electronics uib 64 control ignition board

With the new Dinosaur board in hand, I plugged in both of the pin connectors leaving the sparker spade connection until after the cover is mounted. The control board slides onto the four bolts on the mounting plate.

dinosaur electronics uib 64 control board cover

The cover can now be attached using the supplied nuts on each of the mounting plate bolts. Once everything was tightened down I plugged in the spade connecter for the sparker. That was the entire install. My RV water heater fired right up and is working great. The Dinosaur board also has three colored lights for diagnostics. I have used control boards from Dinosaur Electronics for years and have found them to be better alternatives to OEM control boards. You can see my install video below. You can also view or download the installation directions from Dinosaur Electronics below.

Watch the video below to see how I replace the RVs control board with a Dinosaur Electronics UIB 64 ignition control board.

Dinosaur Electronics UIB 64 Instruction Sheet

maintaining and troubleshooting the RV Water Heater

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