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Wholesale Warranties

Wholesale Warranties

RV Mods, Upgrades and Maintenance

One of the common questions I get is should I have an extended warranty.  My response is that is a personal decision only you can make but my opinion is 'yes'.  Today's RVs are complex and have some very high cost items should they fail.  The next question is usually who do I recommend.  Again, you need to do your research for what fits your needs but I recommend Wholesale Warranties.  I feel so comfortable that Wholesale Warranties checks all the boxes that I am also proud to be an affiliate with them.

Wholesale Warranties

RV dealers will always try to sell you "their" extended warranty.  Many will show you how it is only a minimum increase in your monthly payment. It is no secret dealers make money on these plans they attach to your RV purchase.  But, remember your payments may be up to twenty years and does it really cover what you need.

Wholesale Warranties is super helpful in providing you a free no obligation quote and answering all your questions.

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RV Habit Wholesale Warranties

Before you purchase any extended RV warranty you owe it to yourself to shop around.  Ask fellow RVers who have chosen Wholesale Warranties how satisfied they are.  You will not be disappointed.  They even have the exclusive endorsement from the Escapees RV Club. Wholesale Warranties is dedicated to only offering RV Warranty Policies that have a proven history of positive customer service, affordable pricing, and guaranteed coverage.

Wholesale Warranties RV Habit
Wholesale warranties offers extended warranties on RVs up to thirteen model years old.  They can cover motorhomes, 5th wheels, trailers, pop-ups, campers and even your auto.

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with Wholesale Warranties

You will learn everything you will want to know about Wholesale Warranties

Wholesale Warranties also offers Roadside Assistance and even Tire and Wheel Protection.​
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Click here to learn more about Wholesale Warranties or get a free quote

You can also Call (800) 939-2806 and give them referral code  D-RVHABIT

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