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RV Exterior

RV Mods, Upgrades and Maintenance

RV Bug Screens

Wasps, mud daubers, birds, and rodents pose a threat to the equipment on your RV.  These screens for your furnace, refrigerator and water heater do a great job protecting the rig.

RV Awning Poles

This is another one of those great upgrades that you don't realize how great it is until you have them.  These are totally custom made and powder coated.  Camco makes a great alternative tie down strap.

Camco Aero Flo

This is installed over the bathroom vent with 4-inch fan.  It allows me to keep the roof vent open regardless of the weather.  It is low profile being several inches lower than most vents.

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Carefree Awning Support

Works automatically with the awning. The cradle receives the roller and supports it reducing awning sag. Unroll the awning and the cradle releases the roller and pivots open. Was an easy install and works great.

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