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RV Interior

RV Mods, Upgrades and Maintenance

Alfa Camp Pro

Wide Range Wi-Fi Solution for RVs. Captures distant WiFi signals and then lets you set up your own network inside your coach.  This is a very affordable solution compared to alternatives.

Wall Soap Dispenser

Better Living Ulti-Mate three chamber soap dispenser in the shower.  This Shower caddy type soap dispenser is so helpful.  No more picking up soap and shampoo bottles.

Siriu Radio

I installed Sirius radio for both the cab while driving and the coach while camping.  This model lets me install two different docking stations so I just move the head unit.  

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Ultrasonic Pest Control

Use of advanced ultrasonic technology to drive the pests out of your home. Apply to Rats, Mice, Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Bugs, Fleas, Bats, etc..  Simple and effective.

RV Sreen Door Bar

Camco RV Screen Door Cross Bar allows for easier exit and protection of the RV screen door.  This was such an easy mod and its benefits cannot be understated.  Definitely on my must-have list.

Closet Organizer

This wire shelving was just what we needed for our tall closet with no shelves.  We now can easily organize our clothing.  It gives us much more usable space.

Bathroom Garbage Pail

Three things I did that make life easier.  A Camco wall mount trash can and an Enamel coated wood Dometic toilet seat for 310 bowls.  The upgraded seat is the difference between comfort and misery.

T-9 Boeshield
SnapPad RV Habit
Wall Soap Dispenser

Simply Silver wall soap dispenser in the bathroom.  This is the perfect addition to any RV bathroom.  No more messy bar soap on the sink or a stand-alone soap dispenser falling over.

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Drawer Organizer

I built this custom wood drawer organizer for the top kitchen drawer.  Lets us sort forks, knives, spoons, etc.. I also lined the drawers with cork to give them a nice solid feel. Camco makes a plastic alternative.

12v Center

Jardli battery voltage display with 12v and USB ports.  This came as a package with three components.  Two USB port, cigarette plug, and a voltage display.  

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