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RV Electrical

RV Mods, Upgrades and Maintenance

RV Surge Guard

This 30 Amp Surge Guard product monitors shore power and shuts off when it detects power surges, open ground, open neutral, low or excessive voltage, miswired pedestals, or reverse polarity.

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blue 12v light

Took a blue 12v light and a switch installing it under the kitchen cabinet.  Wired off the 12v wire already there for the under counter lights.  Gives just the right glow for a night light.

120v outlet

Additional Diamond Group WDR15BR 120V outlet in the kitchen area. We needed more outlets since our rig was lacking severely in that department.  Install was standard house wiring with a special RV outlet.

Amazon Firestick

Amazon Fire Stick for Internet television.  Also allows numerous apps like a fireplace.  When we have Internet access this Firestick is great.  We can watch Netflix, Hulu, and many other services.

12v Center

Jardli battery voltage display with 12v and USB ports.  This came as a package with three components.  Two USB port, cigarette plug, and a voltage display.  

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