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RV SnapPads - The Easiest Install for the Best RV Upgrade - Bigfoot Leveling Jacks

RV Habit Blog - RV SnapPads

I first heard of SnapPads a few years back and thought, what a fantastic idea. SnapPads are made from recycled tires here in the USA. They offer a permanent solution to the chore of using plastic or wood blocks under your RV's leveling jack pads. Since the company started selling them, they have slowly increased their product line to almost two dozen sizes fitting most hydraulic jacks found on RVs today.

RV SnapPad

Happily after three years of waiting they have finally released their BF SnapPads. These are specifically made for both the 7 inch and 10 inch BigFoot jack pads. Bigfoot systems are commonly found on Class C RVs. I purchased four BF-7s for my RV and the install could not have been easier.

RV SnapPads

You must understand that SnapPads are a permanent jack pad solution and are not meant to be removed. Once installed you simply deploy your hydraulic leveling Jacks and the SnapPads eliminate the need to use any other pads between the RV jack and the ground. They have several other great benefits. SnapPads will increase the jack pad's footprint for more stability, the rubber grips and conforms to uneven ground, dampens vibrations, and even acts as an electric insulator for the RV. SnapPads are resistant to UV exposure, water, heat, oil, tar, mud, and other environmental hazards.

RV SnapPads RV Habit

The name SnapPad is quite literal. They actually just 'snap' onto the RV's leveling jack pads and you're done. They are designed to permanently stay attached to the jack pads. Each SnapPad extends the jack pads one inch closer to the ground and increases the footprint.

Flex Seal Liquid

If you follow anything I do you know I sometimes go a little beyond what is necessary. I wanted to add some rust protection to the jackpads before installing the SnapPads. I used Flex Seal Liquid® and brushed it on completely covering the top and bottom of the jack pads. Other possible options are bed liner coating or even some spray paint.

SnapPad Installation

Actually installing the SnapPads was the easiest upgrade I have done to the RV. Simply place the SnapPad under the jack, lining it up with the jack pad, then put the jack down till it snaps in place. Each jack took less than five minutes. You can see my install process in the below video.

RV SnapPad Instruction Manual

I would have to say I believe SnapPads are one of the top recent innovations for RVs. They are affordable and easy to install. You can read or download the BF-7 installation instructions in PDF form. The best way to purchase SnapPads is on their website. Since there are almost two dozen sizes for multiple jack manufacturers you need to be sure you purchase the right SnapPads for your RV. SnapPads website guides you through choosing the right size and offers to help you personally if you're having problems or questions.

Check out my short video below of the install. It demonstrates applying Flex Seal Liquid® and installing the SnapPads.

RV SnapPads

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