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Heng's RV Chandelier Vent Trim and LED Light Kit

Hengs RV Chandelier

As soon as I saw this I thought what a brilliant idea. It is an ring that fits around the standard 14"x14" vent opening of an RV fan. It has LED lights that go around the entire ring. It also comes with a small push type on/off switch.

hengs vent trim light

The first thing I did was connect the light to a 12v source to make sure the light worked properly and had no dead LED lights.

hengs vent light

The next step was to remove the trim insert on my RV's MaxxAir Fan. This is as simple as removing four screws.

rf wirless dimmer

I also purchased a Remote RF Wireless Dimmer to add to the light since my intention was to use it for low lighting. The control module just inserts between the light wiring and the 12v source wiring. I hot glued the wiring to the fan insert for a clean install. The video below details the install.

The light looks like it came from the factory. When its not on you cant even see it. I love this mod/upgrade. I was unable to find an IR remote wireless dimmer so if you install two of these in the RV the RF Wireless Dimmer will control both lights simultaneously.

dual RV refrigerator fan

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