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RV Keyless Bluetooth Lock By Bauer From RecPro

Bauer Products RV Keyless Bluetooth Lock From RecPro

I have had an electronic keyless lock on my RV entrance door for a few years. The lock is a popular brand with excellent marketing and the convenience when working is worth the price. Unfortunately, it has been nothing but a headache. It seems to need repeated repairs. At different times I have replaced the control board, the battery compartment, and the keypad (more than once). Once again it is broken. Although it was expensive I have decided to give up on it and go with a company that has been around since 1958.

Bauer Products RV Keyless Bluetooth Lock From RecPro

I purchased and installed a Bauer EM Bluetooth Keyless Lock for RVs (Bauer NE for trailers) from RecPro. RecPro is an RV supply company with endless parts for your RV or trailer. The Bauer EM is all metal including the battery door and is very solid in construction. 'Impressive' was my first thought when unboxing it. It has loads of features and comes with two keys for manual operation if desired.

Bauer Products RV Keyless Bluetooth Lock From RecPro

It has a lot of features but my favorite is the Alsentis HSS Keypad technology. The buttons don't have to be pushed. The keys sense human touch, so no more damaged keypads. It lights up blue when touched and even gives me a warning when the batteries are running low. You can program a four-digit code or if needed use the keys to operate the lock with or without the batteries in place. I should also mention you can contact Bauer Products directly for the ability to upgrade all the locks on the RV to be keyed alike.

Bauer Products RV Keyless Bluetooth Lock From RecPro

I will be the first to admit when I read about Bluetooth technology for an RV lock I figured it was a gimmick. I mean who needs to open their phone to unlock a keyless RV lock? Well yes, the app (available for Android and iOS) can do that but the real benefit of Bluetooth is something called Close Field Technology. You can set the app to use proximity mode. This lock will sense you or in turn your phone is nearby and allow you to simply press one button to unlock the RV. The lock even allows pairing on up to six different smartphones. The app has other features too like checking the battery level and setting power modes to save battery life. Who knew, I actually liked Bluetooth technology.

Bauer Products RV Keyless Bluetooth Lock From RecPro

The lock is designed to fit in most RVs (Bauer EM) and trailers (Bauer NE) but always check your door measurements. The lock came shipped with all the hardware including new strike plates to complete the installation. Also included was a small card with a QR code. The QR code takes you to Bauer's website support page. There I found an installation diagram, operation and programming instructions, a troubleshooting guide, and even links to videos to help with the installation. It can be a bit confusing for anyone under 25 to navigate online while installing or programming the lock so I have included PDF files of everything below. Feel free to view it here online or print it out. I found it much easier to have a hard copy in my hand while programming the lock. Oh and if you're wondering and can't find what the factory preset code is, it's 3715. You will change the code to your own unique code.

Overall this lock functions beautifully and looks solid on the RV door. The price from RecPro is below what many of the other brand keyless RV locks cost. You can watch how I installed and programmed my lock in the video below. I also have listed some links so you can do more research or purchase.

Watch how I install and program the Bauer EM in my RV

Bauer Products RV Lock Bluetooth EM Installation Diagram

Bauer Products RV Lock Bluetooth EM / NE Operating Instructions

Bauer Products RV Lock Bluetooth Troubleshooting Guide

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