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Keep Rats and Mice Out of the RV Engine - Ultrasonic Under Hood Animal Repeller – Easy Install

Vensmiles High Frequency Under Hood Pest Repeller

If you're like me every time the RV is parked longer than a week the engine compartment attracts rodents. I continually find mouse droppings, acorns, nesting material and more. Until now I have been lucky enough that no damage such as chewed wires has occurred. I have tried all the scent type deterrents to no avail. Today I purchased an Under Hood High Frequency Pest Repeller from Vensmiles.

pest repeller wire connection

It came with two units, two wiring harnesses, and four cable ties for each unit. The wiring harness is a simple two wire, (positive and negative), connection and the positive wire is fused. You connect the harness, which is about three feet in length, to the battery. The other end of the harness has a plug which connects to the high frequency repeller.

install high frequency ultrasonic pest repeller install

I used the included the wire ties to attach the unit to the vehicle and tidy up the wire harness. It has an on/off switch and a power LED that shows red when on and green when transmitting a high frequency sound. The Amazon ad stated it used 20-30mA of power when actually transmitting but the directions in the box stated 50-70 mA. Either way this should be fine attached to the chassis battery.

high frequency ultrasonic pest repeller LED lights

It includes two white LED lights. These lights flash whenever the unit transmits a high frequency tone to act as a further deterrent. This also allows you to see the unit is properly transmitting.

Vensmiles ultrasonic high frequency pest repeller vibration sensor

The last thing it includes is a vibration sensor. When I start the RV the unit will sense the engine vibrations and stop transmitting. A simple tap on the unit with my finger confirmed this works. After 90 seconds of no vibrations the unit will once again begin to transmit high frequency tones.

Overall installation was a breeze and took under 15 minutes. The Vensmiles comes with two units so I plan to install the second one inside my RV to use when it is in storage. I can easily power it off when the RV is in use. There are many of these under hood high frequency pest repellers on the market with a wide variety of prices. This Vensmiles came with two units, excellent reviews, and a very economical price.

Check out the unboxing and install of the Vensmiles High Frequency (Ultrasonic) Pest Repeller in the video below.

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