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King Extend Go Multi-Use Portable Cell Signal Booster KX3000 For More Than The RV

King Extend Go Multi-use Portable Cell Booster KX3000

If you have seen some of my videos or read my articles on antenna equipment you know I'm a big fan of King products. King is an American company that sells mobile-type antennas. They specialize in over-the-air and satellite reception for televisions, WiFi routers and antennas, and even cellular boosters. I have previously installed King's Dish satellite, King's WiFi Max and Falcon, and King's cellular booster the King Extend. They now have come out with a complete kit for the traveler called the King Extend Go, Model# KX3000.

King Extend Go Multi-use Portable Cell Booster KX3000

The King Extend Go comes in a sturdy zippered case and includes everything to temporarily set up a cell booster for the RV, the car, the hunting cabin, virtually anywhere. Inside the case are two types of exterior antennas, two types of interior antennas, roof, pole, and ladder mounting brackets, antenna mounting portable tripod, interior and exterior cable, 12-volt and 110-volt power supplies, and the power booster.

King Extend Go Multi-use Portable Cell Booster KX3000 tripod

If you're new to cell boosters, this device is able to reach out and grab very weak cell signals and rebroadcast them to a usable signal. Cell boosters do not create a cell signal. There must be a signal for the booster to work. King states that the King Extend Go is compatible with all U.S. cellular carriers as well as 5G Ready and 4G/3G LTE Voice and Data. There are no monthly fees just the one-time purchase cost.

King Extend Go Multi-use Portable Cell Booster KX3000

I have the original King Extend permanently mounted in my RV and have had zero complaints. This new kit comes with the newest version of the booster called the King Extend Pro. It is noticeably more stout than the original and constructed of aluminum versus plastic in the standard King Extend. This kit's biggest asset is its portability. Although it comes with permanent antenna mounting hardware it also comes with a tripod that allows mounting of the exterior antenna anywhere you desire. If you're looking to have the ability to use the booster in your tow vehicle and RV this is a great option. The various antennas and all mounting hardware is provided allowing you to swap the power booster wherever needed. There is no need to purchase separate booster kits for each location. A few tests showed I was getting a stronger usable cell signal as advertised. Overall a very complete kit that gives the options to mount where it's needed when it's needed.

Watch the video below to see the King Extend Go KX3000

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