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Replacing the Hardwired RV LP Gas / CO Detector

Safe-T-Alert RV LP Gas CO Detector

RVs have long since come with hardwired LP Gas Detector Alarms. Today it is more common to see combination propane gas and CO (carbon monoxide) detector alarms. These devices are wired into the RVs 12 volt electrical system. The majority of these detectors have a useful life of about five years. After five years the detector must be replaced with a new unit.

Safe-T-Alert LP Gas Detector

To replace one is an easy task and most should not be intimidated. I replaced mine with a Safe-T-Alert Series 35 LP Gas/ CO Detector. First, remove the face screws allowing access to the wiring behind the unit. You will see that it is connected by two wires, a positive and a negative. Take note of the color of wires so the new detector will be connected the same way as polarity does matter. You can then remove the fuse to allow for the safe handling of the wires.

RV wiring LP gas detector

Remove the existing wire nuts and old detector. The new detector simply wires in the same way. Make sure to check that the connections are secure. I do this by giving a slight tug on the wire to confirm it's tight. You can now re-install the fuse to allow power to the LP/CO detector.

Safe-T-Alert Series 35 LP Gas CO Detector

Now mount the detector using the old face screws. You should see a blinking green light that lets you know the unit is setting up for operation. When the green light remains steady you can test the alarm.

Press the test button and you should hear an audible tone and the light will turn red. When the light returns to a steady green you're done. You can watch how I replaced my RVs LP/CO detector in the video below. There are also links to the most common RV LP/CO Detectors below.

Watch the video below to see how I install an LP/CO detector

Safe-T-Alert Instruction Manual

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