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Repairing And Replacing The RV Maxx Air Fan

Maxxair Fan

I have had a Maxxair fan on more than a few of my RVs. They are a great addition to any trailer or motorhome. Recently my current Maxxair fan sustained damage from extreme hurricane winds. Although the main body stayed intact the lid was pulled up by the winds and broke all the inside gears. I purchased an upgraded model (Maxxair 0007500K) from Amazon.

Maxxair Fan Mounting holes

The Maxxair fan has a great design. The body of the fan unit attaches to the RV roof frame trim with four screws. This makes repairing and replacing very simple. The roof trim and mounting plate do not need to be removed like some other fans. I removed the two screws on each side of the fan and simply lifted it off the RV. There are two wires that supply power to the fan that are easily reconnected to the new fan.

Maxxair Fan 7500K

I removed the old fan and confirmed that there was no damage to the mounting bracket that is attached to the RV roof. The new Maxxair fan did include both the mounting bracket and interior finish trim if it is needed. Installing the new fan starts with connecting the positive and negative wires. Once the wires were hidden inside the trim I placed the fan on the existing bracket and installed the screws. That was it. It took me about 20 minutes and that includes climbing up and down the ladder. The new fan is the deluxe model and includes both exhaust and intake modes, auto temperature start, and ten speeds. I did not have the intake mode on the fan I replaced and I would highly recommend it. You can watch the video to see how I replaced mine. I will also leave links to the different Maxxair models below.

Watch how I replace the Maxxair fan in my RV

Maxxair fan 0007500K on Amazon

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