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Titan RV Refrigerator Cooling Fan and Speed Controller Install and Review

Titan RV fan

I am always looking for new products available in the RV industry. I heard about this fan by Titan from a fellow RVer. It is a multi-purpose cooling fan with a speed controller and thermostat. It is marketed towards RV owners in helping cool absorption refrigerators.

Titan Fan

The kit comes with everything you need to complete the install, minus some screws for mounting. The mounting screws would be specific to your particular application so that seems reasonable. The contents include two 9-blades kukri silent fans mounted together with all aluminum bracing, an aluminum cased speed controller with thermostat, and universal mounting hardware.

Titan RV Fan

No need to order different parts to build your own fan system. Titan has done it for you and I was impressed how solid the fans and controller are. The controller has an aluminum case and knob. The fans are connected with aluminum center connectors and aluminum end caps making it very rigid and sturdy. The fans are available in three sizes, 90mm, 120mm, or 140mm.

Titan fan controller wiring

The controller is completely pre-wired for simple connections. It has a fan wire with plug for direct connection to fans, a thermostat wire and of course a positive and negative power wire that can be connected to either a 12v or 24v power source. The controller lets you select between manual, off, or auto. The manual mode lets you operate the fan from low speed to high speed using the control knob. Auto mode determines the temperature from the thermostat and adjusts the fan speed automatically. This in my opinion is the mode of choice. Set the fan on Auto and let the controller determine the best speed.

You can literally mount this fan anywhere there is space. For the rear of absorption refrigerators I think the best location is where the heat is intended to escape. The fan can then pull the excess heat out the exhaust location while pulling in fresh air from the bottom intake.

Titan RV Refrigerator fan

More than likely your RV's refrigerator vents out to the RV roof or in slide-out mounted refrigerators, they will vent on the side of the RV. You will need to run the fan wire and thermostat wire from the controller box to the fan location. The fan wire simply plugs into the fan. The thermostat wire should be placed between or near the refrigerator's cooling fins. In the picture shown you can see the fans mounted on top of the refrigerator roof exhaust vent using the supplied hardware. The wiring is run down the vent and into the RV where the controller is located. The final step is to locate a 12v or 24v power source. A positive and negative connection to the controller completes the install. The video below will show the basics of the install on my RV.

This Titan Kit certainly made easy work of installing a cooling fan on my RV's refrigerator. If your RV's refrigerator is located in a slide-out this fan kit is even more beneficial. Titan also makes a fan with specific mounting hardware for vents found on class B or van campers. Overall I consider this a good upgrade and am happy with the quality of the fan.

Titan Fan Instruction Use Sheet

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