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ADCO RV Class C Ford Windshield Cover

Adco RV windshield cover

When you have an RV you need to be able to block the windshield for privacy. This ADCO windshield cover for Class C motorhomes works excellent. It comes in standard, the 2407, and deluxe version, the 2507. The difference being the deluxe has panels that can be removed for light.

adco windshield cover

Made from extra heavy-duty automotive white vinyl, it holds up to the outdoor elements quite well. It folds up to fit in a nice small bag made from the same material.

adco windshield cover

It has Sewn-in door pockets and extra strength magnets to hold cover securely in place.

adco 2407

The coaches mirrors are not a problem with these cut-outs that have Velcro to hold it in place.

ADCO states it protects your dashboard from fading and cracking due to sun exposure and provides privacy and keeps temperatures cooler in the vehicle. I will say I was surprised it was so inexpensive. It is heavy vinyl, stays in place and has held up great from the weather.

adco rv windshield cover

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