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Bestop Sunrider For Jeep Hardtop - The Best Of Both Worlds - RV Toad - Jeep Upgrades

Bestop Sunrider

I only have a hardtop for my Jeep Wrangler. The soft top was handed down to my son for his Jeep. As many already know the Freedom Panels on the Jeep hardtop are cumbersome. Most rarely remove them, until now with a great product from Bestop. Bestop Sunrider for the Jeep JK, JKU, JL, JLU, and Gladiator gives you the freedom of a soft top for your hardtop. This hybrid top replaces the Freedom Panels with a throwback type roof found on the typical Jeep soft tops. It is available in Black Diamond or the heavier Black Twill. I purchased the upgraded Black Twill.

bestop sunrider install

Mine came well packaged and free of any damage or defects. Included was the Sunrider top, two door side rails, and the hardware necessary for the install. I needed to provide a Torx 30 driver to install the screws. This installs very easily and no drilling is required. After removing the Freedom Panels I loosely installed the driver and passenger side rails with the front hand knobs.

bestop sunrider install

After the side rails, we placed the Sunrider in position on the Jeep. This can certainly be done with one person but with two people it's a breeze. I installed the two rear hand knobs through the Sunrider into the side rails. Finally, I installed the two mushroom knobs that came off the Freedom Panels. All the knobs were left loose at this point in the installation.

bestop sunrider install

There were six Torx 30 screws that are needed to securely fasten the Sunrider to the Jeep. A Torx driver is not provided. One screw was installed on each side rail. The others were used to attach a hold-down clip on each side of the top. After all the Torx screws were tightened completely I went back and tightened all six of the hand knobs.

bestop sunrider gasket

The final step is the rubber gasket that compresses against the hardtop. I slowly pressed the gasket down into the groove between the Sunrider and the hardtop with my hand. This needed to be done three times to get the gasket all the way in place. Once in place, it forms a watertight seal.

bestop sunrider

Overall the install took about 20 minutes and another 15 minutes to seat the gasket. The Freedom Panels usually never came off the Jeep due to the labor involved. With my new Sunrider, I just unfasten the two clips from the driver's seat and throw the top back in under 15 seconds. I have a whole new Jeep experience!

Watch the video below to see the install of the Bestop Sunrider.

Bestop Sunrider Instructions PDF

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