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Jeep Rugged Ridge Spartan Bumper and Badland ZXR Winch Install and Review

Rugged Ridge Spartan Bumper with Badland ZXR Winch

Installing an aftermarket bumper on a Jeep JK is straight forward. With the right tools and some patience, this should take a few hours. I purchased the Rugged Ridge Spartan Bumper with High Clearance Ends and Overrider and a Badland ZXR 12K Winch. Based on the way this bumper mounts to the frame it allowed me to install tow bar brackets by RockHard so I can use the Jeep as a Toad for my RV.

Badland ZXR 12000 lb Winch

The first step is to remove the existing OEM bumper. This may or may not be difficult. I recommend spraying the bolts with liquid wrench at least one day prior to removal. You will also find it much easier if the front grill is removed to give you easier access to the bolts. A breaker bar may be needed depending how rusted the nuts are.

rugged ridge winch plate

The winch plate attaches to the frame first. It lays on top of the frame and attaches with a total of 6 bolts. It is thicker steel than the main bumper and is predrilled for the winch. Two bolts are installed but not tightened to hold it in place while continuing the bumper install.

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Badland ZXR 12K Winch

Before I proceeded I decided to mount the winch while there was easy access. The control box is prewired and connects easily to the winch with three color coded wires. The winch then gets mounted to the winch plate with four bolts. The two remaining wires, (positive and negative), are run into the engine compartment and left disconnected until the bumper install is completed.

Rugged Ridge front bumper

The main bumper assembly is next. The factory fog lights are mounted in the holes and are a perfect fit for the OEM and most aftermarket fog lights. The winch fairlead is then attached. The bolts go in from the back with the nuts on the outside of the bumper.

Rock Hard Tow Brackets

The bumper is then attached to the Jeep frame and winch

Jeep bumper install

plate. The bolts go through the bumper and frame. I attached a set of RockHard Tow Brackets in the lower two holes. This allows mounting directly to the frame of the vehicle. The supplied D-ring mounts attached to the top two holes, again directly to the frame.

Winch battery connection

After the bumper is completely installed you can make the final connections for the winch. Always connect the positive wire first. The Badland Winch comes with a fuse breaker and is used on the positive lead. Finally, connect the negative lead from the winch. Once all connections are tight the install is completed.

You can read or print the Owners Manuals for the Rugged Ridge Spartan Bumper and the Badland Bumper below that is shown below as a PDF.

The video shows the install on my 2011 Jeep JK.

Read or download the Rugged Ridge Spartan Bumper Installation Manual

Read or download the Rugged Ridge Spartan Bumper Installation Manual

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Badland ZXR 12K Winch

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