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Jeep Towed Vehicle Wiring & Charge Line Install With Hopkins RV Toad 56200 and Roadmaster Charge Kit

56200 JEEP Towed Vehicle Wiring Kit

The second step for preparing my Jeep Wrangler for use as an RV towed vehicle (a.k.a. Toad) was installing the wiring so the Jeep lights could be controlled by the RV. There are several kits available for this but the easiest seemed to be the Hopkins 56200 JEEP Towed Vehicle Wiring Kit. The Hopkins Kit comes completely pre-wired for a user friendly no splice plug and play install. In addition to this article I have included a video and the installation instructions in PDF below.

Curt Manufacturing 58130  Six Pin Trailer Connector

The kit is pre-wired with a four pin plug to connect to the RV but I removed it. I instead opted for a Curt Manufacturing 58130 Six Pin Trailer Connector and the Curt Six Pin Mount 57208. The six pin connector is much easier to use and allows you to use the extra pins for certain accessories.

rugged ridge winch plate

The first of those accessories will be a Roadmaster Charge Line Kit 156-25. This kit comes with wire, a fuse, and some connection items to allow the RV to charge the Toad vehicle from the 12v pin on the RV plug.

Dielectric Grease

Hopkins 56200 JEEP Towed Vehicle Wiring Kit

The first step is to remove both taillight assemblies. Starting on the drivers side, run the wiring down to through the body to the exterior beneath the vehicle. Connect the plugs of the Hopkins Kit, (the plug with yellow wire close to the converter box), between the drivers side taillight assembly and the vehicle plug. Now secure the converter box using several

zip or wire ties. Reinstall the drivers side taillight. Run the harness with the remaining two plugs, (the plug with the green wire), below the vehicle to the passenger side taillight area. Simply plug the harness between the vehicle and taillight assembly and reattach the passenger side taillight. It is recommended to use dielectric grease on all the plugs.

Rugged Ridge front bumper

If you are going to use the attached four pin plug simply route the remaining wire with plug to the front of the vehicle and secure with included mounting hardware. If you plan on using a six pin plug, now is a good time to cut the four pin plug off the harness. You will see a short white wire with an eye ring attached to the four pin plug. Remove the white wire and save for use as a ground wire at the front of the vehicle.

Roadmaster Line Charge Kit fuse

Once the wire, (green, yellow and brown), is routed to the front bumper area of the vehicle it is time to attach the six pin plug mount to a suitable place. Cut the wire leaving enough to work with and make connections. Strip back all the wires including the separate white wire with the eye ring. Before making any connection now is the time to

Jeep bumper install

install the Roadmaster Charge Line Kit. Run the red wire from the kit from the front of the plug mount to the engine bay near the vehicle battery. Attach the 15 amp fuse to the vehicle body with the included two self-tapping screws. This fuse goes between the charge line and the vehicle battery. Make the connections to the fuse leaving the wire to the vehicle battery disconnected till all wiring is completed.

Winch battery connection

Now that all the wiring to the vehicle has been completed it is time to connect the Curt six pin plug connector. The first step is to locate the 12v lead pin from your RV. Plug the Hopkins 47053 Endurance 7 RV Blade to 6 Pole Round Nite-Glow Flex Coil Adapter into the RV. With a voltmeter check to see which pin on the six plug side is receiving a constant 12v. This will often not be the center accessory pin labeled 'A' but a pin to the side labeled 'S' on the connector. Some RV manufacturers wire the seven blade RV plug differently switching where the 12v wire and electric brake wire goes. This is important to check and confirm so the charge line works correctly.

Curt Manufacturing 58130  Six Pin Trailer Connector

The front plug connector can now be connected to the wires. Each pin on the plug is clearly marked. The first wire to connect is the red charge wire. Make that connection to either the center 'A' pin or in my case the side 'S' pin as determined by testing the RV plug. Continue the connections with the brown wire to 'TM' for tail marker lights, the yellow wire to 'LT' for the left signal and the green wire to 'RT' for the right signal. Complete your connections by attaching the white wire with eye ring to the vehicle frame with the self-tapping screw to ensure a solid ground. You can now attach the opposite end of the whit wire to the pin marked 'GD' for ground. Attach the plug connector to the connector mount. Finally I made the connection of the charge wire from the fuse to the vehicle battery.

Nothing I described here should be taken as a step by step instruction. It shows how I used the Hopkins and Roadmaster kits to wire my vehicle. I have included the manufacturers installation instructions. These instructions should be followed to ensure correct installation and all safety procedures are followed.

You can read or print the Installation Manuals for the Hopkins 56200 JEEP Towed Vehicle Wiring Kit and the Roadmaster Charge Line Kit 156-25 that is shown below as a PDF.

The video shows the install on my 2011 Jeep JK.

Hopkins 56200 Jeep Towed Vehicle Wiring Kit Installation Manual

Rugged Ridge Spartan Jeep Bumper

Badland ZXR 12K Winch

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