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BougeRV RV Windshield Cover For Ford E350/E450 Class C RV Motorhome

BougeRV RV Windshield Cover

Having a Class C RV motorhome I have always been presented with the dilemma of the windshield when parked. For one, you need to create some privacy. They do make curtains that attach inside the RV but the second issue is the heat. A curtain does little to nothing to prevent the cab area from getting extremely hot. For these reasons, I have always used some type of windshield cover. Recently I found the BougeRV RV Windshield Cover.

BougeRV RV Windshield Cover

The BougeRV RV Windshield Cover is constructed of four layers of high-density material which includes Aluminum Foil+PE Film. It states it is water-resistant and is able to cool down the interior of the RV. Like a sunshade, it reflects heat away from the windshield. I noticed an immediate temperature drop. My dashboard was measuring 128 degrees. After installing the windshield cover the temperature dropped a whopping 35 degrees in just 90 minutes.

BougeRV RV Windshield Cover

Installation takes me only a few minutes. It stretches across the windshield and attaches at the top and bottom of each door. It gives us the privacy needed inside the coach when camping. The reduction of heat is a very welcome benefit.

BougeRV RV Windshield Cover

It is very light and folds up in a conveniently small footprint. It even comes with a nylon-type bag for easy storage when not in use. When installed it has a clean well-fitted look. Links are included below for further research or purchase. Also below is a short video on installing the BougeRV RV Windshield Cover. Overall a nice upgrade from my previous windshield cover.

Watch the video below to see the BougeRV RV Windshield Cover

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