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Camco Propane Brass 4 Port Tee Extend-A-Stay

Viking Composite LP Gas Tank

propane hose

Having an RV presents a problem if your camping and run out of propane. The tank is permanently mounted to the coach. So its either break up camp to drive the coach to get the propane refilled or use a spare tank with an Extend-A-Stay Kit. You can see the review of the Viking Composite LPG Tank I did by clicking here. I installed a Camco Propane Brass 4 Port Tee part #59123, otherwise known by its nickname Extend-A-Stay.

The install is a simple DIY project and only takes a couple of wrenches and some LPG Teflon

propane adaptor

Tape but the tape is not required. It also comes with 5ft and 12ft hoses which allows for connection between an auxiliary propane cylinder and propane Appliances. Pictured above right is the 5 foot hose that lets you connect a spare LPG tank to your RV. It connects to any standard tank that you use for your barbecue for example. The 12 foot hose pictured on the left shows the standard connection to propane appliances that would ordinarily use a one pound LPG bottle. This is all I use now to run my Coleman grill.

The first thing to do is turn the gas off at the tank. I like to turn the RV stove on till the flame goes out to remove any pressured gas in the lines. Then, with the aid of two

gas line pipe tape

adjustable wrenches, remove the regulator from the tank. The Camco 4 Port Tee will then connect to the LPG tank and the regulator will connect to the Camco 4 Port Tee. You can use

gas leak detector

PTFE Gas Line Pipe Thread Tape on the connections but it is not necessary. The next step is to turn the gas back on and test the connections for leaks. I use Camco 10324 Gas Leak Detector with Sprayer, but soapy water will do. Any signs of bubbles and you have a leak and the connections need to be tightened. Once you have made certain you have proper connections with no leaks your done. It's that easy.

This item remains one of the most useful mods / upgrades to the RV I have done. I never worry about running out of propane while I'm set up at camp. It also has let me eliminate those little and expensive 1 lb. green propane bottles.

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