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Camp Chef Flat Top Grill And Griddle - FTG600 - Assembly, Seasoning And First Cook

assembly camp chef flat top

I use my Camp Chef VersaTop Flat Top so much at home I decided to upgrade the home flat top and put the VersaTop back in the RV. I purchased the Camp Chef Grill and Flat Top FTG600. This is a four burner flat top grill and griddle that pumps out 48,000 BTUs and boasts 600 square inches of cooking area. It is heavy approaching 150 pounds so it isn't meant to be portable. It comes with very clear instructions and went together without any problems.

camp chef flat top burners

Each of the four burners comes with its own self ignition and puts out 12,000 BTU each. Grease plates are included to protect the burners when using the grill option. There are two coated grill grates which should make clean up a breeze. This grill option alone makes this grill worth getting but where this Camp Chef shines is its flat top griddle.

camp chef flat top grill ftg 600

This flat top is cold rolled steel and is solid. It has a heat dispersion plate on the underside that really helps to cook evenly. Whats even better is that Camp Chef preseasons the flat top to make getting it ready to cook very simple. To make cooking easier and enjoyable I recommend getting the flat top as level as possible. They make this easy with adjustable levelers on the base as well as the flat top. Once the flat top is set up it's time to lightly season the griddle. Use any oil, (one that has a high heat smoke point is best), to lightly coat the top while the heat is on medium high. Less is more here, use very thin coats and allow the oil to bake on the griddle. I did this three times.

cooking on camp chef flat top

The flat top is then ready for your first cook. What's more appropriate than a pound of bacon to let that grease break the flat top in? I followed the bacon up with some smashed potatoes and cheese burgers. If you have never cooked on a flat top you have to give it a try. Warning though you will want to cook every future meal on it.

Watch the video below to see the detailed assembly, seasoning and first cook on the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill FTG600

Camp Chef VersaTop Griddle Flat Top

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