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Coleman RoadTrip Classic LX Grill - Unboxing and Review

Coleman RoadTrip Classic LX Grill

I have tried a lot of portable grills over the years. Several years back I found the Coleman RoadTrip series of grills. They have several models with different options and colors but they are all from the same mold. I ended up with the Coleman RoadTrip LXX. I found that this grill was just great. Over the next few years I found as much as I loved this grill I was frustrated with several things. The LXX is permanently mounted to the wheel base which prevented using the grill on a tabletop and was very bulky when trying to store the grill in its carry bag. My other complaint was the clean-up. The grease drippings would stick to the interior under the grates. I would need to scrape and clean this area all to often.

Coleman RoadTrip Classic LX Grill

Then came the discovery of the Coleman RoadTrip Classic LX Grill. This grill was the same RoadTrip series with all my complaints addressed. As you can see the most noticeable difference from the other RoadTrip grills is the elimination of the wheeled base. The Classic LX comes with a foldable base with legs. The stand completely folds to a flat and easily stored item and fits in the Coleman RoadTrip Storage Bag, purchased separately. The Coleman storage bag is made of strong material and even has wheels. The legs on the base stand even have adjustable feet at the bottom to fine tune the stand to rock solid and level. The other benefit of this stand is that it allows the user to remove the grill from the included stand and use the grill on a tabletop or picnic table. After all this is a portable grill and placing the grill where you want is a big deal.

Coleman RoadTrip LX removeable grease tray

The other great improvement is the non-stick removable grease tray. The tray covers the entire area under the grill plates. You fill the grease tray with some water and the grease falls into the water minimizing flare-ups and making clean-up a breeze. Really, clean-up is amazingly simple and makes this grill worth every penny.

Coleman RoadTrip Grill controls

The controls are conveniently located on the front of the grill. Two knobs let you control the left and right burners independently of each other. This is why I love this grill so much. This allows indirect cooking and cooking of different items at different heat. It also has an auto igniter. Just turn the gas on and press the button. No matches needed.

Coleman RoadTrip Classic LX Grill side tray

The included side trays are used to stabilize the base stand. When storing the stand, the trays remove and snap easily into the base top.

portable grill regulator

The LPG regulator, also included, screws easily into the back of the Coleman grill. It allows you to use the disposable one pound propane canisters. You can also use an adapter hose, not included, to connect to a larger propane source such as a 20lb. LPG tank that is commonly used for larger grills.

Coleman RoadTrip Classic LX Grill technical specifications

As you can see from the technical specifications the grill boasts 20,000 BTU (10,000 BTU for each burner), 285 square inches of cooking area, and a manufacturer 5 year limited warranty.

Coleman RoadTrip Grill

The Classic LX comes with two grill plates. They include a griddle or flat plate and a traditional grilling grate. Both are non-stick and made from cast aluminum. The nice thing is you can purchase different Swaptop plates from Coleman that include a full size griddle plate and even a Swaptop Stove Grate for using pots and pans on the grill.

Overall I find the Coleman RoadTrip Classic LX is the perfect grill for Camping, RVing, day trips, and even as your main home grill. This is not a throw away summer grill. It is a solid, well built and good quality grill that should give you years of performance if maintained properly. The Classic LX has all the features you need to use, setup, clean and store the grill with little effort. The Classic LX user manual can be read or downloaded below. Check out the unboxing and review video. It shows everything included and gives you a great look at the Coleman RoadTrip.

Coleman RoadTrip Manual

Coleman RoadTrip Classic LX Grill

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