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Wireless Bluetooth RV Leveling System - RVLevelerPRO By Rhino Storm - Level Your RV In Minutes

RVLevelerPRO by Rhino Storm

I am no stranger to using a wireless Bluetooth leveling system to help me level my RV. I have been using one since they were introduced over five years ago. My original unit was the first generation and was plagued with always having a dead battery. There have been many improvements since that original device including several competitors with similar products. I decided to upgrade to a newer device and chose the RVLevelerPRO by Rhino Storm.

RVLevelerPRO by Rhino Storm

The RVLevelerPRO is a small box that mounts anywhere in your RV. It can be mounted with the included self-stick tape or screws. The unit has an on/off switch and even a sleep mode to save battery life in case you forget to turn it off. It also includes two CR 2450 coin batteries instead of the standard one battery. It will even continuously beep like a smoke alarm when the batteries need replacement.

RVLevelerPro by Rhino Storm

Included with the purchase is a free app with no other hidden fees. The unit transmits via Bluetooth to your phone, Apple or Android, precise measurements to allow you to level your RV. It allows you to find the most level spot dynamically while parking. Once parked it lets you know where to adjust the height to get your RV perfectly level. You can view a picture of the type of RV you have and the app displays the measurements of where to raise or lower your RV. It can show a top view, front view, and side view. The RVLevelerPro has a one-time setup that only takes a few minutes. You answer seven simple questions about your RV and you're done. Now every time you get ready to park simply open the RVLevelerPRO app and you can see exactly how to get the RV level.

Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station

In my testing, the app connects almost instantly to the RVLevelerPro and quickly displays the levelness of the RV. I experienced no loss of communication between the app and the unit itself. When actively moving the RV it takes about a second or two for the app to update. For example, the app shows I need to raise the right rear one-half inch. Using my hydraulic jacks I raise the RV one-half inch. After one or two seconds the app shows I raised the unit one-half inch.

Overall I am very happy with the RVLevelerPro. It works much nicer than the first-generation wireless leveler I previously owned and it cost less money. I would consider it one of my top ten RV Gadgets. As far as I can tell the RVLevelerPro is currently only available on Amazon. A link is below if you want to do more research, read reviews, or purchase. I have also included a PDF document of the User Manual so you can read, print, or download a copy. Check out my video below on setting up the RVLevelerPro in my RV.

Watch the video below to see setting up the RVLevelerPro.

RVLevelerPRO User Manual


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