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RV Dish Network, Wally, VQ4900 King Tailgater Pro Satellite Antenna and MB700 Roof Mount Install and

King Tailgater Pro Satellite TV

I know many will say who needs a satellite TV in their RV. True it is considered a luxury and maybe even too much for many campers. There are many of us RVers, such as full-timers and hardcore RVers, that spend many nights in their RV. Being able to get some HDTV in the RV is worth its weight especially if you have been cooped up due to rain or bad weather. With all that said, it is very popular and industries put out a vast assortment of products just for satellite TV for the RVing community. My research deals with satellite TV in the United States and the options available to me.

Dish Network

All the equipment will be provider specific so the first consideration must be what provider to choose. I will not go into a comparison of the two providers located here in the United States but rather why I chose to go with the Dish Network. I wanted to use a portable/roof antenna and only Dish offers HDTV with the portable antennas. The main and certainly the most important reason though is that Dish Network has really become the RV friendly choice. They make a receiver targeted for RVers and have designed an entire program around RV satellite service called Dish Outdoors, also known as Dish-Pay-As-You-Go. Dish Network has a division called DishForMyRV that caters only to the outside enthusiasts and RVers. They offer packages in every price range and even a Flex Pack where you choose what channel packs you like. The best part of the Dish-Pay-As-You-Go program is that it is month to month billing with no cancellation or activation fees. That's right absolutely no contracts. So you can get satellite service for that big trip in July and simply not pay in August while the RV is in storage. Going back out in October, simply pay the monthly fee for that month. Now everything said assumes you are not already a Dish Network customer. If you have Dish service already in your home then adding a receiver for the RV to your current account is currently only $7.00 a month. You can also just turn that receiver on and off on a month to month basis.

Dish Network Wally Reciever

The receiver I chose is the one recommended for RVs by Dish Network. The Wally receiver has a small footprint measuring 1.6"H x 10.41"W x 8.11"D. Don't let its size fool you because you can add lots of options to it to make it a complete entertainment box. You can add a voice controlled remote, an over-the-air tuner, a WiFi USB adapter, a Bluetooth USB Adapter, and even a 1TB DVR expansion drive to record tons of programming to watch anytime. The Wally connects to the RV TV through an HDMI cable or RCA composite jacks. If I could make one improvement I would ask the Wally have the option to be powered by 12v. As of now it can only be powered by 120v. Included in the box, in addition to the Wally receiver, is a HDMI cable, a detachable power cable, and a RF remote with batteries.

King Tailgater Pro VQ4900 for Dish Network

In addition to the receiver you will need a satellite antenna. I have been extremely pleased with King products in the past, especially the OmniGo Portable HDTV Antenna. I knew I wanted a portable/roof antenna. I compared King against its major competitor and King was my choice. Their products have always been reliable and worked well for me, it has great reviews and its pricing was within my budget. King makes portable satellite antennas for both Dish Network and DirectTV. The Tailgater series is designed for the Dish Network. King offers three Tailgater models for stationary use. Their latest antenna is the VQ4900 Dish Tailgater Pro. The Tailgater Pro weighs a mere 8lbs., has dual receiver support, HD compatible, fully automatic, and is powered through the one coax cable. In addition to the Tailgater Pro Satellite Antenna it comes with 50' of coax cable and the usual owners manuals. You can view or download the manuals below.

MB700 King Quick Release Roof Mount Fixture

The King Tailgater Pro comes with rubber pads for placement on a picnic table, tripod or other stationary object. It can also be mounted directly to the roof with the included mounting holes. Except for the mounting screws you supply there is no need for any additional hardware or mounting brackets. To keep the antenna truly portable King offers the MB700, a Quick Release Roof-Mount Fixture. The MB700 mounts permanently to the RV roof allowing the antenna to be mounted on the roof or easily removed for better placement or storage. This is a fantastic option for those who have roof mounted antennas and are stuck behind an obstruction. Simply remove the antenna from the mount and place it in a better location to get a view of the southern sky. The mount is assembled with four supplied screws and then mounted to the RV roof with installer supplied screws not provided. This is typical as each RV roof is different and you need to determine the best fastener for your RV.

The install is very straight forward and can be handled by most DIYers. Mount the satellite

MB700 satellite roof mount bracket

antenna or the MB700 roof mount to the RV roof. You can obviously skip that step if you choose to keep your antenna portable allowing you to place it in the best location. Run a coax cable from the Tailgater Pro Satellite Antenna to the Wally receiver located inside the RV. Run an HDMI or RCA cables from the Wally receiver to the RV TV.

Once all the connections are made you follow the prompts that are displayed on the television. The final prompt will advise you to call Dish Network for activation of your service. This is where the Dish Network really impressed me. Now I researched what program package I wanted so I had that ready when I called. Also, I did not call Dish Networks main support number that appeared on the screen. I called the RV specific telephone number supplied on the DishForMyRV website, 1-800-472-1039. That telephone number puts you in contact with Dish Network representatives trained in RV applications. The process could not of been easier. I supplied my name and address, my credit card number, and finally the program package I wanted. The Dish representative stated my service would be activated within 15 minutes and the entire phone call lasted 5 minutes.

Overall I am very happy with the entire system. The install was a breeze and everything works as it should. There are links below for all the manuals in addition to where you can purchase and do more research on the components. Watch the video below to show step by step how I installed the Dish Network and King Tailgater Pro on my RV.

Read or download the following manuals

King Owners Manual for the Wally Receiver

King Quick Rference Guide

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