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Don't Struggle Leveling Your RV

For years I carried multiple levels and gadgets when going RVing. I would get out the leveling blocks, the levels, spare wood and anything else I thought that would help me get my rig level for my stay. We all know how uncomfortable it is when your head is pointed down when trying to sleep. And oh my lord what if the refrigerator isn't level, it won't keep the food cold, I could cause permanent damage to the absorption system!


Yes, I'm a perfectionist so the refrigerator being level actually does bother me. The process can be frustrating as you raise one corner and it changes the corner you just had perfect. You end up going back and forth in a circle of aggravation.

Now admittedly leveling a towable is a bit easier than my current Class C but both still require all my gadgets. But at last a product is now available to make it all quite painless. The LevelmatePRO is a Bluetooth vehicle leveling system available from Command Electronics. This great device installs in your trailer or RV and helps you level your rig within 0.1 degrees. Those of you who have auto levelers on your rig will also benefit. This


will allow you to park your rig in the most level spot so your levelers don't overextend.

What's truly great about this product is that after the one time install and setup you only need your smartphone. You open the LevelMatePro app on your Apple or Android phone and it tells you just what to raise or lower to get your rig within one-quarter of an inch of perfectly level. I look at my phone and know just what is needed to be level at each corner of my rig. First-time setup is as easy as entering some dimensions of your rig and your done. After that, the unit uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect to your phone or tablet in real time. I turn it on as I'm parking so I can find just the right spot.

I believe in seeing rather than trying to read a step by step description. There are several YouTube videos available to see it in action and you can see the one I did titled LevelMatePRO to level your RV or Trailer wirelessly.

I have used the LevelMatePRO for the past year and it has saved me time and aggravation from the once dreaded setup process. I have added the LevelMatePRO to my list of must-have items for an RV. I embrace technology as long as it works and has some benefit. The LevelMatePRO has not disappointed me. If you want to make leveling your rig an easy painless task this is the RV item to have. To purchase the LevelMatePro on Amazon click here. You can also purchase directly from the Command Electronics website at LogicBlue Technology.

LevelMatePro 2nd Generation User Manual

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