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Haloview Handy 7 True Wireless RV Camera System - Backup and Observation

AVS Hood Bugflector II

I have always wanted a camera system that could adapt easily to my needs. I have a hard-wired rear and side camera system in my RV but I wanted something portable. I have finally found an affordable system that lets me choose where to put the camera and mount it in just a few seconds.

AVS Hood Bug Deflector

The Haloview Handy 7 Wireless Camera System. is a great quality system that is expandable to up to four cameras. What is unique is the camera is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The camera has strong magnets on the back and bottom that allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere. If the location I need to mount the camera does not have anything where magnets would work that's no problem. Haloview has included two self-adhesive metal plates to stick anywhere I need to.

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Haloview states the wireless system will work over 900 feet line of sight between the camera and monitor and up to 33 feet at high speed. So I can mount the camera on the back of my RV or Toad and have a clear picture and sound on the monitor in the cab of the RV or tow vehicle. The monitor is a huge 7-inch screen and has lots of settings to dial it into all your own preferences. It even has a micro-sd slot so you can also record what the camera views.

The true genius of this system is I can mount it anywhere I need it when I need it. I can use it as a backup camera for the RV or any of my vehicles, a security camera when boondocking or overnighting in a parking lot, on the hitch when trying to hook up, I can even put it on the front of my Jeep when doing some off-roading. The system comes with the rechargeable camera and charging cord, a 7-inch monitor and 12v accessory plug, two monitor mounting brackets, a sun shield, and two self-stick metal plates. You can review or purchase the Hallow Handy 7 on their website at

Since writing this article, Haloview has released a new camera for this system called the Night-King Camera which boasts nighttime color. The Sony Starvis Technology also adjusts for bright and dark spots to give an overall better picture. See the video at the bottom of this page.

Watch the video below to see the Haloview Handy 7

Haloview Handy 7 User manual

Watch the video of the new Night-King Camera

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You can check out more information on the Haloview Handy 7 at

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