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How To Change An LED Ceiling Puck Light In The RV

rv led ceiling puck light

If you have ever needed to change an LED bulb in the RV's ceiling puck lights you quickly realize it is more than you may have bargained for. Most RV puck lights are hardwired in the 12v system. A simple bulb change is not possible but it is not as hard as it may appear. The first step should be to make certain all power to the light has been turned off.

rv 12v led ceiling puck light

RV puck lights are generally held in place one of three ways, screws, fixed mount clips, or spring clips. For spring clips just pull the light housing firmly down. For fixed mount clips you may need a small screwdriver to push the side of the clip in to release it from the ceiling. Once released simply pull the light straight down. The lights are connected to the 12v system. The use of a multi-meter can help you determine positive and negative, if necessary.

rv 12v light wiring

Match and connect the black and white wires exactly as you removed them. They may have been connected with crimp or crush wire nuts. Most often you can reuse them again. After you make the connections and confirm they are solid you can reinstall the light housing.

RV LED ceiling puck recessed light

The light lens can now be put on and the power restored. You now have a working light. As with any RV repair at first it may seem intimidating. Understanding how it is done will help you tackle those apprehensions. Learning how your RV's 12v system operates is one of the most useful things needed to take on RV repairs.

Watch the video below to see how to change an RV LED ceiling puck light

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