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Replace And Upgrade The RV lighting With Chandelier Fixtures And 12 Volt LED Lights – Install Tips

Remove rv puck lights

I had two small puck lights under the kitchen cabinet that were beginning to fail. Instead of simply replacing them with new puck lights I decided to make an upgrade. I wanted more light when working in the kitchen. I searched for several months for the right replacement lights. I ultimately found what I liked on The search to find the right lights was the hardest part of the project. To get started I removed the existing puck lights from the cabinet.

RV cabinet light install

That left two holes about two inches in diameter. The cabinet has paper thin plywood that was not strong enough to hold the new fixtures. I used an old trick and put a block of wood in the hole so the new fixture could be attached. The new fixture will screw into the block of wood and will act as a strong base.

12 volt rv light wiring

Next was wiring up the lights. It was very straight forward 12 volt wiring. I used crush nuts to make the connections and then it was time to mount the lights.

rv light install

Using coarse thread screws I attached the lights through the plywood cabinet base into the blocks of wood I previously inserted. The fixtures were firmly attached to the cabinet using this method.

rv chandelier led light fixtures

Finally I installed two bright white 5500k LED bulbs. The bulbs were perfect in creating more lighting in the kitchen work area. The existing switch operates both lights and each light also has a switch so they can also be operated independently.

Watch the video below to watch the install of RV chandelier 12 volt LED fixtures.

AP Products Thin Slim Shade Install

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