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King Falcon WiFi - Automatic Directional Antenna and Router for the RV

King Falcon and WiFiMax

I have been a fan of King RV products for some time. I have and use several of their products including their OmniGo HDTV Antenna and Tailgater Pro Satellite Dish. When I saw King had come out with an automatic directional Yagi type antenna I had to try it. The King Falcon is a wifi kit for your RV. It includes their WiFiMax Router, King Falcon High-Gain Long-Range Directional Antenna, and all the cables needed for a complete install.

King Falcon WiFi App

What makes the King Falcon kit truly unique is that the directional antenna, (Falcon), is automatic. Yes, it actually rotates 360 degrees automatically to point to the wifi signal. A phone app by King, that you can download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, lets you select what wifi network you want to use and the Falcon does the rest. (You can also use a tablet or laptop). No need to manually point your directional antenna or settle for a weaker omni-directional antenna. From there they use their WiFiMax Router to broadcast the wifi signal on your own secured personal network.

King Falcon Antenna

Until the King Falcon I used a basic router and omni-directional antenna in my RV. It was adequate but it certainly had its limitations. The King Falcon allows you to reach much further wifi sources and get the best speed possible from that source. It mounts to the RV roof with only one cable needed and has a low nine inch high profile. In addition the included King WiFiMax Router transmits in 2.4GHz and 5GHz to get the best speed possible.

The install is not complicated and can be completed in short time. After the one time mounting of the antenna to the RV roof and naming your personal network you're ready to go. When you want to connect to a wifi source simply open up the King WiFi App and in under five minutes the Falcon will find and connect to a wifi source. My YouTube Video goes into detail on all the steps necessary. If you connect to public or campground wifi you should always use a personal secured router. The King Falcon makes that possible automatically. You can read or download the King Falcon Owners Manual below.

In the video below I show you the unboxing, installation, setup, and review of the King Falcon and WiFiMax.

The following manual can be read or downloaded in PDF below.

King Falcon Manual

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