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Label & Post The RV Height, Switches, Connections, Slides – 5 Minute RV Tips Tricks Mods & Upgrades

Engraved Label nameplates

When I purchased my RV there were large ugly stickers everywhere. From stickers saying electricity can kill you to open window here. Most were ridiculous and had to go. Even with those unsightly stickers telling me things I already knew, there were many things like switches that were not labeled.

RV height label nameplate

I tried the self print labels you can make with an inexpensive label maker but they look cheap and eventually peel. I wanted labels that looked professional and factory installed. In addition I have added several switches as upgrades or mods to my RV. I found a company that will make engraved nameplate labels with 3M self stick backing for a few dollars a piece.

rv switch label nameplate

You can choose size, style, and color to fit your needs. I placed my order online with the help of their very interactive website for all the tags I needed. In about 12 hours I was notified the tags had been completed and shipped. I received the tags via Priority USPS. The link is below to check them out. (I have no affiliation with the company, just a happy customer).

rv potable water nameplate label

I was able to label all the switches I had added including the slide switches that were not labeled from the manufacturer. I labeled the city water connection and potable water inlet. I even had one with the RV's height made to put on the dashboard to ensure no mistakes when a low bridge is ahead. This has cleaned up the look of the RV and now I never make a mistake when trying to remember what switch does what.

Watch the video below to see how the engraved labels are installed

cleaning rv water heater

You can check out the website for all the custom nameplate labels at Carolina Laser, Inc.

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