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Top 5 Must Have RV Gadgets When Driving an RV and Towing - Tips, Tricks, and Mods

RV Driving Console

While driving my RV there are several gadgets I consider must-haves. A few are for safety and others for pure convenience. Some came with my RV as optional equipment but I have added several others. I have a Class C on a Ford E450 chassis but these items will work on any RV or tow vehicle.

Jensen RV Radio and Navigation

The first two gadgets I added are to the Jensen Multimedia Receiver. The particular model I have, (it was an option from the RV manufacturer), has been replaced with the Jensen XRV10. This unit includes many options, including a navigation system but the two I modified are the backup camera and the satellite radio. I added a small Jensen Camera JCAM1. This little camera allows me to see behind me inside the entire coach without turning around. A great option if you have children or pets traveling in the RV.

SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus Satellite Radio.

The Jensen receiver also allows you to connect to Satellite Radio. The downfall is if you pay for a subscription it will only play on that radio which leaves the coach radio unable to receive satellite radio when parked. My solution was to purchase two SiriusXM SXDV3 Satellite Radio Vehicle Mounting Kits and one SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus Satellite Radio. This lets me pay for a subscription to the one radio but I can use it on The Jensen radio while driving or move it to the coach radio when parked.

RV Backup Camera

I love this gadget and it actually came with the RV but can be purchased if you don't have one. My particular model is made by RVS and includes left and right side cameras in addition to a backup camera. There a quite a few brands with different options available on Amazon. No matter what brand you choose it is a great gadget while driving an RV or towing a trailer.

Garmin RV 770 GPS

Now when I travel I consider a good GPS a must. The GPS navigation system that the Jensen Multimedia Receiver uses is somewhat lacking. It tends to be a little slow, it is hard to operate when driving and charges high prices for map updates. I prefer an RV specific GPS. I have been very pleased with the Garmin RV 770 GPS. This GPS does so much I could do a separate article on its features. It allows you to input the dimensions of the RV to better route you, has a large and easy to navigate touch screen, voice commands, weather, traffic, Bluetooth, and even lifetime free map updates.

Midland MXT275 Micromobile GMRS Radio

I installed a Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio for emergencies when no cell service is available. CB radios are not as common as they once were but when traveling it is a bonus to have. I also installed a Midland MXT275 MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio. This is wonderful to have when traveling with others. You can easily communicate vehicle to vehicle with clear reception and little to no static. They transmit and receive for miles and have privacy codes so you're not bothered by other public users. It even allows you to talk and monitor the FRS/GMRS walkie talkie radios when setup at camp.

EEZTire Tire pressure monitoring System TPMS

Probably one of the most important safety devices you can have is a tire pressure monitoring system. A TPMS allows for constant evaluation on tire pressures and temperatures on your RV, Toad, Truck and/or Trailer. Knowing this information can prevent a catastrophic tire failure which can cause extensive damage or injury. I use the EEZTire TPMS. I have been very happy with its performance and ease of use. The system can be purchased with different amounts of sensors depending on your needs. The sensor batteries can also be changed in a matter of minutes instead of having to send the sensor back to the manufacturer. You can unlink your trailer or toad when not towing and use the unit with just the RV or towing vehicle. The main unit also has a lithium battery that lasts up to 60 hours so you don't even need to plug it in while driving.

In addition to what is listed above, I use a LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling System when parking and setting up the RV. This awesome device lets you get the RV or trailer exactly level each and every time. It shows where and how much to raise or lower the RV to get it level through Bluetooth on your smart phone.

Check out all these gadgets and mods in the video below. I also added the video for the LevelMatePro.

LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle

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