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Viking Cylinders 17 lb Composite LPG Tank

Viking Composite LP Gas Tank

Viking Composite LP Gas Tank

Having an RV presents a problem if your camping and run out of propane. The tank is permanently mounted to the coach. So its either break up camp to drive the coach to get the propane refilled or use a spare tank with an Extend-A-Stay Kit. You can see the install and review of the Camco Extend-A-Stay Kit I did by clicking here. In my research I came across composite tanks. The only company I could find that sells them is Viking. They are heavily marketed to the boat community and less to the RV community.

The Viking Cylinders 17 lb Composite LP Gas Tank is a great alternative to the traditional style LPG tanks. They are lighter but

Viking Composite LP Gas Tank

that's when the tank is empty and unfortunately I keep it full. As you can see in the photo it has the same connection you have on the traditional tanks. It easily connects to a barbeque or an Extend-A-Stay kit. So why get this composite tank versus a steel tank, two reasons.

The first is the base is the diameter of the tank which helps tremendously in preventing the tank to tip. We all have those steel tanks with the small

Viking Composite LP Gas Tank

ring on the bottom which causes the tank to be somewhat unstable. The second, which I love, is you can actually see the level of propane in the tank. The see-through composite allows you to know exactly how much propane is left. No more guessing when to fill the tank or worse, running out of propane while cooking dinner. A third benefit, which is somewhat obvious, is no Corrosion, no painting and no rust. There is a short video I did below.

The company claims a 15 year service life from the date of manufacture. They use the latest UL approved valve and a standard OPD connection. The specs are an empty weight of about 10 lbs., !8 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. If your researching them you can see them on Amazon or most boat and RV supply stores.

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