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Winterizing an RV's Plumbing Water System - How to winterize RV & Trailer Air & Antifree

RV antifreeze

How to winterize your RV or trailer is not a difficult task but it is a methodical process. If you live in a climate where the winters go below freezing this is an important step to keep your RVs plumbing in good shape. This video will show the steps I use to winterize my RV. Your RV may have additional steps depending on Your RVs options and design. Below is a basic step by step guide, put out by Camco, that you can download.

drain rv water heater

Always turn off all water, empty the black, grey, and fresh water tanks, and turn off and drain the water heater.

rv compressed air

Connect air supply hose to the RVs city water inlet. Run air through the plumbing lines by opening all faucets, shower heads and toilet till no water comes out.

rv water heater bypass

Put the RVs or trailers water heater in bypass mode.

rv winterize

With the use of the coaches water pump and winterizing kit use only non-toxic RV antifreeze.

rv faucet

Turn on each faucet, both hot and cold, till pink antifreeze comes out. Don't forget the toilet and outside shower. Pour approximately one cup of antifreeze down each drain. A good idea is to put a cup of antifreeze in the bowl of the toilet to keep the seal moist.

Camco RV Winterization Step By Step Guide

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