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Repairing A Keyless Electronic RVLock - PCB & KPD Circuit Board

rvlock pcb kpd repair

I installed a keyless electronic lock from RVLock on my Class C RV about 14 months ago. Recently the lock had a total electronic failure and would not operate. The key, included with the RVLock, was able to still operate the lock manually. After email communications with RVLock technical support, they recommended I replace both the PCB circuit board and the KPD circuit board. The bad news is I also needed a new battery compartment.

rvlock pcb kpd repair

I again contacted technical support and was able to get it shipped out the next day. The good news is everything was replaceable and did not break the budget. When I began to disassemble the lock and remove the old PCB board it was evident the power connection to the PCB board from the battery compartment was corroded. Nothing else appeared to have any evidence of moisture or corrosion so I still don't really understand what the corrosion was caused by.

rvlock pcb kpd repair

After removing the lock from the RV it can be disassembled quite easily by removing a few screws with a standard Philips screwdriver.

rvlock pcb kpd repair

The new battery compartment and PCB slide into the lock just as easily as the old one slid out.

rvlock pcb kpd repair

The KPD board is also very simple to change out. I removed a few screws and unplugged the KPD board from the control board. Reversing the process to install the new KPD board took only a few minutes. When I was all done I had a lock that was working perfectly.

A couple of notes to mention. I was not happy that an expensive lock failed after 14 months of use and two months outside of the warranty. However, I don't know what caused the isolated corrosion on the PCB board connected to the battery compartment. Perhaps humidity or a leak but again I saw no evidence of anything else showing that. I attempted twice to contact technical support via telephone and both times were unsuccessful. I then emailed technical support and always got an answer within the same day. My takeaway is to use email and you will be much happier. In addition, using email allows you to have a running record of the conversation. Finally, all the parts to repair the lock are not what I consider expensive. At the time I ordered them they were $10.00 each plus a $5.00 charge for shipping. For a lock that costs $260.00, I was happy with such inexpensive parts to make the repair.

Watch the video below to see how I repaired my RVLock Keyless Handle

Ford keyless entry keypad

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