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Custom RV Stove Top Cover - Noodle Cutting Board

walnut cherry tiger maple wood

If you're an RV owner you are no stranger to RV stove covers. Unless you own a high end rig the stove top cover is either glass or even more dreadful the metal covers of yesteryear. In most RVs counter space is scarce and in high demand. Camco has a few RV stove toppers. A highly rated one is the RV Oak Stove Top Cover. They have great reviews and do help with counter space but oak is not ideal for a cutting board. I set out to build my own. I made it thin like a stove noodle board but used walnut, cherry and tiger maple hardwoods which are ideal for a cutting board.

Table Saw cutting wood

The first step was to mill the lumber. This included planing, jointing and cutting the wood into different width strips. I arranged the wood strips into different patterns until I found the one that I liked. Next was the glue up. This is the most difficult part of the project. You need to work quickly and get everything clamped into position before the glue begins to set up.

clamping and gluing a cutting board

After several hours I removed the clamps and cut the stove topper to size on the table saw. Finally I added some rubber feet bumpers and oiled it using John Boos Mystery Butcher Block Oil.

The final result was a gorgeous noodle cutting board. The RV counter has two more feet of usable space and it is easily removed when the stove top is needed. Watch the video for the steps I outlined.

Watch the video below to see the making of the RV Noodle Cutting Board

Custom RV Table Top

wood faux stick on panels

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