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RV Ceiling Repair With T-Moulding - RV DIY

rv ceiling damage

If you own an RV you know that something always seems to need fixing. I had an issue with my RV's vinyl-covered ceiling which at first glance looked worse than it was. The vinyl had shrunk due to some water and the seem pulled away from the T-moulding.

rv t-moulding install

At first, I figured I would need to replace the whole piece of vinyl which is quite a task. However, I was able to find a wider piece of T-moulding to make the repair. The T-moulding slips into a metal channel that is attached to the ceiling in between the vinyl ceiling seem. This is a very common application in RV ceilings.

rv ceiling t-moulding

The old T-moulding pulls off and the wider T-moulding is pressed into its place. The finished job is what you would expect straight from the factory. T-moulding can be found easily in home centers, Amazon, and specialty websites. You may have to search a bit to find the size you need. Remember there are two common spellings so if searching the Internet try both T-moulding or T-molding. You can also search RV ceiling trim for a wide variety of solutions.

Watch how I make the RV ceiling repair with T-moulding

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