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DOT Approved 7" Black Daymaker LED Headlights + 4" Cree LED Fog Lights

The best upgrade to date on my Jeep is the replacement of the stock OEM headlights. Options are vast and can be quite expensive for some of the name brands. I chose DOT Approved Black Daymaker LED Headlights kit. This kit comes with two 7" LED headlights, two 4" LED fog lights and all the wiring harnesses needed.

The first step was to remove the front grill. It pulls off after the removal of several plastic plugs.

Remove the metal holding rings four screws, remove headlight and unplug the headlight by sliding the red retaining clip forward.

Plug the new LED headlight in with the provided adapter harness and install with metal ring you removed earlier. The fog lights are a little more difficult to get to since the area behind the bumper is tight. The video below shows what I did to get to the fog lights.

These lights work great. They light up the road and are an amazing upgrade from the stock OEM lights. My best Mod!

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