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Ford Keyless Entry Wireless Keypad Installation And Programming - Class C RV Ford E-Series

ford keyless entry wireless keypad

If you own a Class C RV on a Ford E-series chassis cutaway they come with just basic options. RV manufacturers install some bells and whistles on them, like an upgraded radio possibly with GPS, but OEM features are lacking. Ford makes some great add-ons that can be purchased aftermarket. I purchased a Ford Genuine ES7Z-14A626-A Keyless Entry Keypad. It comes fully ready to be programmed to your vehicle and is typically mounted on the chassis door.

ford keyless entry wireless keypad

The remote comes with the battery pre-installed in a sealed keypad. The keypad has 3M tape on the back for easy mounting. The only instructions are on how to program the keypad with a personal access code. First, the unit must be paired with your vehicle. A quick search on the Internet showed how to pair the keypad and existing key fobs for Ford vehicles. I think they should include this information with the keypad but it was not difficult to find.

program ford keyless entry wireless keypad

To program the new keyless entry keypad I used the instructions below.

  1. Open the driver's door and leave open.

  2. Press the unlock button on one of the existing key fobs.

  3. Insert key into the ignition.

  4. Quickly cycle the key from the OFF position to the RUN position, (Do not start the vehicle), eight times.

  5. On the eighth time leave the key in the RUN position. The vehicle's door locks will cycle telling you the vehicle is in program mode.

  6. Once in programming mode, all key fobs and keypad must be programmed.

  7. Press the unlock button on all the key fobs. (You will hear the locks move).

  8. Press the 7/8 and 9/0 keys on the keypad simultaneously to program.

  9. Turn key to OFF position and remove the key. The locks will cycle telling you the vehicle has exited programming mode.

  10. Test all key fobs and keypad.

ford keyless entry wireless keypad

You can now choose any location you like to mount the keypad. I chose the traditional location of just above the driver's door handle. I can now rest easy knowing I can enter my vehicle regardless of where my keys are. You can read or download the included instructions for the keyless keypad below. I have also listed links so you can do further research or purchase.

Watch the video below to see the keyless keypad on my Class C RV

Ford Keyless Keypad Instructions PDF


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