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SumoSprings Front Helper Springs Installation - 2016 Class C RV Ford E-Series Cutaway


I have a Class C RV on the Ford E-series cutaway chassis. Although it drives very well the front was a little soft and I experienced some sway and roll. There are many suspension upgrade options out there. I chose what has to be considered one of the easiest to do. I purchased a pair of front SumoSprings from Super Springs. There are SumoSprings available for most motorhomes, trucks, and even travel trailers and fifth wheels. On my RV it was a simple upgrade that required no drilling or cutting.


Considered an airless airbag, the SumoSpring is made of closed micro-cellular urethane that requires no maintenance. They are designed to enhance load carrying ability, stabilize sway, and improve overall driver control and ride comfort. They are manufactured in a variety of heights, diameters, and densities to support multiple front and rear applications. Many applications are a simple bolt-on installation but certain installs may require drilling.

Jounce bumper

For my RV I simply had to remove the factory-installed jounce bumpers and install the SumoSprings in their place.

I first raised the front end of the RV to allow the front end to droop. This gives you more room to work. I used a 10mm socket with a short extension to remove the bolt holding the bumper. Once removed I reinstalled the 10mm bolt all the way. This helps clear the threads of any debris or burs. After you once again remove the 10mm bolt it's time to install the SumoSprings.


The SumoSprings have a 10mm bolt in the center. I just screwed in the SumoSpring all the way in the threaded hole. According to the directions I used no thread locker and only hand tightened. Lower the front end and you're ready to drive. Overall I feel this was a worthwhile upgrade. The drive performance is noticeably better at handling the sway and roll I was experiencing. Links of where to purchase are listed below.

Watch the video below to see the SumoSpring install on my Class C RV

Read the Blog and watch the video on the LevelMatePro here

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For other vehicles including the Ford F53 chassis use the application guide on Super Springs website to get the correct part.

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