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How To Replace And Install An RV Bathroom Faucet – RV Upgrades

RV bathroom faucet

Many RVs come with a plastic bathroom faucet that leaves much to be desired. In addition to being plastic and generally flimsy, they are usually small and difficult to use when washing your hands. Replacing the faucet with a better quality one is actually fairly easy and usually requires no tools. You can find replacement faucets on Amazon, big box stores or plumbing suppliers. I purchased mine right from Amazon for less than $35.

RV faucet plumbing

The first step is to turn the water off which includes turning off the water pump. I then opened the RV's low point drain to remove any water from the lines. Now it's time to remove the old faucet. Everything is generally PEX with plastic fittings and can be removed by hand with no tools. I unscrewed both the hot and cold water lines from the faucet and then the two retaining nuts on the faucet.

rv faucet

Once the old faucet is removed the new faucet simply slips in the where the old faucet was. My new faucet required two washers to aid in tightening the faucet to the sink. This really depends on the manufacturer of the new faucet and does not affect the install in any way. First install the two retaining nuts. Be sure to center the faucet before hand tightening the full way.

rv faucet aerator

Connect the hot and cold water lines making sure to not cause a cross thread. After all your connections are hand tight it's time to turn the water on and check for leaks. If a small leak is present try to tighten or completely remove the connection and reinstall. Once you are certain all the connections are dry the air must be purged from the water lines. Remove the faucet aerator and slowly turn on the hot followed by the cold water till all the air is gone and water flows freely.

Brushed nickle bathroom faucet

Reinstall the aerator and the install is complete. The faucet I installed has a brushed nickel finish with a high spout that moves. This allows me to get my hands under the faucet without hitting the sink. The choices are vast in style and type and only limited by your taste. Once you make this upgrade you will certainly ask why you waited so long.

Watch the video below to see how I installed an RV bathroom faucet

cleaning rv water heater

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