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How To Replace And Install An RV Kitchen Faucet – RV Upgrades

RV kitchen faucet

Most RVs today come with a pretty decent kitchen faucet. The one in my RV was of decent quality but was small which made it difficult to get large items in the sink. I also wanted something a little more modern in appearance. I purchased mine on Amazon but they can also be purchased at big box stores or plumbing suppliers.

RV faucet plumbing

Kitchen faucets are usually held onto the countertop with one large nut. This makes the installation painless. Coming from the faucet control base are hot and cold water supply lines and the one sprayer hose line that feeds the faucet itself. Removing the old faucet only required I remove the one holding nut and disconnect the hot and cold water lines.

1/2'' to 3/8'' compression adapter

Now typically kitchen faucets use a 3/8'' compression nut on the water lines to connect to the water supply lines. My new faucet was no different. Most RVs use 1/2'' female connections for water supply lines. I purchased two lead-free 1/2'' to 3/8'' compression adapters. This allowed me to connect the new faucet to the existing RV plumbing without having to cut any water lines and add different fittings.

rv plumbing

When making the connections I only hand tightened then went 1/4 turn with a wrench. Never over-tighten plumbing connections as you will be sure to have a leak. If after the install there is a small leak try to tighten slightly or completely remove the connection and reinstall. Once you are certain all the connections are dry, the air must be purged from the water lines. Remove the faucet aerator or in my case the sprayer head and slowly turn on the hot followed by the cold water till all the air is gone and water flows freely.

RV Kitchen Faucet

I reinstalled the sprayer head and the job is complete. The faucet I installed is stainless steel to match the sink. It has a high modern neck with the sprayer head attached. There are hundreds of styles and finishes to choose from. Most likely you will find a much more desirable one than what your RV came with. My choice was mostly based on aesthetics but I love the extra functionality too.

Watch the video below to see how I installed an RV kitchen faucet

cleaning rv water heater

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