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Replace The Stiff RV Shower Hose With A Flexible Hose From Camco

RV shower hose

I wrestle with the shower hose in my RV every time I shower. If you have an RV you know exactly what I mean. The shower hose is a stiff vinyl hose that does not bend very easily. I have a white shower head and wanted to find a flexible shower hose in the same color. Now you can find stainless or nickel easily but finding white proved to be a more difficult task.

Camco 43717 RV Flexible Shower Hose White

I located an RV white flexible shower hose made by Camco. It is 60 inches in length and a direct replacement for the OEM hose that came with my RV. The install will take about five minutes and will end the hose nightmare as I know it.

RV shower hose install

Simply unscrew the current shower hose at the faucet and showerhead and install the Camco flexible hose in its place. It only needs to be hand tightened, so no tools required, and even comes with two new washers.

Camco 43717 60" RV Flexible Shower Hose

While I was at it I replaced the hose for the outside shower. The outside shower hose was always in a stiff coiled position and almost impossible to straighten. The Camco flexible hose installed in minutes and now uncoils easily when needed.

This is a very easy and inexpensive upgrade to make your RV life just a little easier. You can check out the video of how easy the install is in the video below.

Relaqua AS500W Pressure Boost Spray Video

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