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How To Install and Review of a SEAFLO RV Water Pump

SEAFLO Series 42 RV Water Pump

Replacing an RV water pump is probably something every RV owner will do at sometime. It is a straight forward process and should not scare the average RV owner. I was very happy with the SEAFLO accumulator tank I installed last year so I decided to go with a SEAFLO water pump. After a a lot of research I decided on the SEAFLO Series 42. It is a 12v pump rated at 3.0 GPM and 55 PSI. It comes with two connection couplers and a pump strainer. The professional grade pump also boasts a 4 year warranty. A manual and troubleshooting guide is below in PDF form for download.

RV Water Bay

The first thing is to locate the pump location and give yourself room to work. Many times RV water pumps can be in an extremely tight space making it difficult to access.

RV Water Pump Fuse

Turn off the water pump, disconnect the city water if applicable and open an interior faucet to relieve any pressure in the system. Next, there should be a fuse near the water pump. If so, remove the fuse to cut the power to the pump. If the pump does not have a fuse near its positive wire, you must pull the fuse supplying power to the pump at the fuse panel.

Shurflo RV Water Pump

Once all power to the pump is shut off, begin removing the plumbing connections one at a time. Water will still be in the lines so have a towel ready. Remove the screws (usually four) securing the water pump. To totally remove old pump disconnect or cut the two wires, one positive and one negative.

SeaFlo RV Water Pump Strainer

The old strainer can now be removed. Install the new strainer that comes with water pump. Hand tighten all connections. Do not use wrenches or tools to tighten plastic fittings.

SEAFLO RV Water Pump

It's time to install the new water pump. Depending on your application it may be necessary to mount the pump before making connections. The order is not important but you will connect the water fittings, connect both positive and negative wires and mount the water pump.

SEAFLO RV Water Pump and Accumulator Tank

After all your plumbing and electrical connections are secure and the pump is properly mounted its time to reinstall the fuse. Once the fuse is installed you can turn on the water pump. The pump will run for several seconds to pressurize the system. When the pump stops look, listen, and feel for any leaks. Pay close attention for 15 to 20 minutes. If you see a leak attempt to hand tighten.

If a leak still is present do not use a wrench. Turn the water pump off and relieve the pressure by opening a faucet. Although Teflon Tape is not typically needed on plastic

RV water leak

fittings you can try to add some on the leaky connection if tightening it alone did not work. Wrap the threads several times with the Teflon Tape, reconnect the fitting, and turn on the water pump. Again, wait about 20 minutes examining for leaks while the pump is on and the plumbing system is pressurized. After you're confident no leaks exist you can close up the water bay and clear any air from the lines by opening a faucet. The video shows the install step by step.

SEAFLO Water Pump

SEAFLO RV Water Pump Manual and Troubleshooting Guide

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