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Jeep JK Graphics - American Flag and Name

Jeep JK LED Headlights

I didn't video this install for some reason. This is a vinyl decal in black matte finish. It is the American Flag Distressed or Grunge Style. It goes on very easy. Just clean the hood, center the decal and apply.

7" LED Black Daymaker Headlights

American Flag Jeep Hood Decal

The total time to install was about 35-40 minutes. You need to take your time to remove all the air bubbles. It came with very good directions.

Jeep JK Headlight removal

Since we are RV Habit we named the Jeep Bad Habit after all the RV will be pulling it wherever we go.

Jeep black door hinge cover

The name decal is on both sides of the hood and is 3" letters. I purchased the name decal from with whom I have had good experiences with in the past.

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