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King Extend LTE Cell Signal Booster - KX1000 - Install and Review

King Extend KX1000 Cell Signal Booster

Cell boosters for RVs have been a fact a life for full-timers and people who work from the road for a while now. Most vacation and weekend campers considered it only a luxury to have one. Even though a cell booster can be pricey compared to other RV upgrades they are becoming a must have accessory. In today's world we need to stay connected regardless of where we are. We all have our reasons to need continuous cell coverage like email, text, streaming video but none more important than needing to receive or make a call in an emergency.

King Extend KX1000 Cell Signal Booster Antenna

I am a fan of King RV products so I chose to go with the King Extend KX1000. The kit comes with everything needed to complete the install, which is quite simple. Install the outside antenna, connect the power booster, and then the interior antenna. Running the wires is always the most challenging part. If your RV allows, the refrigerator vent is a great way to get wires into the RV. The video below will show a great mount you can make with a small piece of wood which lets you attach the booster antenna without using any screws into the RV roof.

King Extend KX1000 Cell Signal

When you power the King Extend Booster it will run a self check and a green light will illuminate. The user manual for the King Extend can be read or printed in the below PDF file. Results are dependent on many factors such as location, weather, atmosphere, and more. A quick test at my location showed a dBm signal gain of about 22 dBm. If you need to stay connected, even when enjoying your RV, a cell booster can definitely help.

Watch the video below to see the making of the RV table top

wood faux stick on panels

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