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Relaqua High Pressure Shower Head for RV or Trailer

Relaqua AS500W spray

Its official name is Relaqua AS500W Power Boost Spray and it works great. If you own a rig that has an outdoor shower you need to keep reading. The stock outside showers are all the same. They produce low water pressure and they drip when you turn off the shower head. This power boosting spray head designed for outside showers is impressive. The video shows how well it works.

rv outdoor shower

First, remove the existing outdoor shower head by unscrewing the hose at bottom of spray head..

relaqua rv shower

Attach the Relaqua Power Boost Spray Head to the existing shower hose. Turn on water and check for leaks.

relaqua outdoor rv shower

The handle on the side of the Relaqua Power Boost Spray turns the shower head on and off. When its off it does not drip like the OEM shower head.

Relaqua RV shower spray

Pressing the side handle and releasing it turns the shower spray on. Press and release it again and it turns the spray head off. It produces a much stronger spray than the stock shower head. The black ring on the Relaqua shower head allows you to adjust the spray pattern.

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