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Replace The Ugly RV Door Window With AP Products Thin Shade Upgrade - How To Install Tricks And Tips

AP Products Thin Slim Shade

Did you ever notice the RV industry comes out with new and better innovations every year? How do you think they get you to trade in the perfectly fine RV you have for a brand new one? Yes, new and improved everything. Except for one item that was on my Dad's 1972 Terry trailer remains the same on my new Forest River RV. I am referring to the dreaded RV door window. A frosted piece of ugly obscured glass that you cannot see out of and sticks out like a sore thumb. I am not quite sure why this part of the RV has escaped the engineers for so many years. Finally a replacement upgrade is available at a very reasonable price from AP Products called Thin Shade Model# 015-201512 (also called Slim Shade).

RV door window install

The Thin Shade is a direct replacement for most RV door windows. The tinted black glass comes with a shade and only requires a Philips head screwdriver to install. The first step is to remove the existing RV door window. Remove the 16 screws from the interior frame and the window can easily be removed.

AP Products Thin Shade Install

Prep the new Thin Shade by installing the included shade on the interior frame. The glass is pre-caulked to the exterior frame but put some tape on the exterior frame and glass as a precaution when installing.

AP Products Slim Shade install

The exterior frame is also pre-caulked where it will make contact with the RV. Center the Thin Shade Window inside the opening and push the edges. The caulk will stick to the RV but a little extra tape is a good idea until the install is finished.

AP Products Thin Shade Install

Install the interior trim piece with the 16 provided screws. The screws will bottom out to prevent you from overtightening and possibly damaging the new window. It is that simple.

AP Products Slim Shade

A view from the inside of the RV lets you clearly see out the window. The shade can be shut to hide from prying eyes when need be.

AP Products Thin Shade

From the outside a perfect match to the rest of my RVs windows. What has eluded the RV manufacturers for decades has been corrected in about 30 minutes with only a screwdriver.

Watch the video below to watch the install on my Forest River RV. You can also read or download the Thin Shade installation instructions below.

AP Products Slim Thin Shade Instructions

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