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RV Air Conditioner Disposable Air Filter - Review - No More Pollen Mold Spores or Dust

I usually know what I am looking for when I want something for my RV. Sometimes I discover great items by chance. I came across these disposable RV Air Conditioner filters while surfing on Amazon made by RV Air Inc. RV Air Inc. is a small company started by a fellow RVer whose wife suffered from allergies. I always try to support small businesses especially one of a fellow RVer. Of course, I had to try it and I have not looked back. You can check out my video below.

Anyone with an RV Air conditioner, regardless of the make or model, can benefit from these disposable filters by RV Air Inc. Most, if not all, RV air conditioners come with a foam type filter at the units air intake. These filters keep the large dust out of the system but do very little to help keep the air quality good. RV Air Inc. has created a filter that is a simple replacement to the current foam filter in your RVs air conditioner. It is made of two layers of unwoven polyester and does not restrict air flow. It is Merv 6 rated and claims to remove particles as small as 3 to 10 microns. This made in America filter will remove pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander and other allergens.

Perhaps the nicest thing with these filters are they are disposable. No more washing the foam filter. It is recommended the filters be changed once per year for seasonal campers or every three months for full-timers. The filters are inexpensive enough that the benefits outweigh the cost. They make filters for just about any RV air conditioner sold today. It can be difficult to know exactly what filter you need so they use pictures to ensure you purchase the correct filter for your RV air conditioner. The most common ones are available on Amazon, otherwise you need to go to their website to purchase one. The pictures below will help you determine what filter you need.

Find your RV Air Conditioner that matches the picture

(Pictures as per RV Air Website)

RV Air AC-101G

Length: 13.5 inches, width: 6 inches, .75 inches deep

Purchase on Amazon

RV Air AC-105G

Length: 13.75, width: 7.375 inches, .75 inches deep

Purchase on Amazon

RV Air AC-110

Length: 14.5 inches, width: 14.5 inches, 1.25 inches deep

Purchase on RV Air

RV Air AC-125

Length:14 inches, width: 3 inches, 1.25 inches deep

Purchase on RV Air

RV Air AC-135G

Length: 16 inches, width: 4 inches, .75 inches deep

Purchase on Amazon

RV Air AC-140G

5.25 inches round

Purchase on Amazon

RV Air AC-145G

5.25 inches round - center hole

Purchase on Amazon

RV Air AC-150G

(Fits Newmar Motorhomes)

Length: 14.75 inches, width: 7.125, .75 inches deep

Purchase on RV Air

RV Air AC-155G

(Fits Entegra-American Coach and many others)

Length: 9.875 inches, width: 3.50 inches

Purchase on RV Air

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