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RV Awning Canvas And Arm Alignment - How To Adjust And Fix In Under Five Minutes

RV awning arm rail

RV awnings have one thing in common, the canvas, vinyl, or fabric can become misaligned over time. This is usually just caused with age and normal stretching due to the wind and rain. You may notice the awning wind up crooked on the roller tube. You may also notice the arm brace rail on the RV does not line up with the upper arm rails on the awning when in the closed position.

RV awning stop screw

This is a normal result of time and can be fixed easily. You want to first extend the RV awning. The awning connects to the RV with an awning track and may be part of the drip rail. At each end of the awning in the connection awning track is a small screw called the slider set screw. This screw prevents the awning from sliding from one side to another.

rv awning canvas

Determine which direction the awning arm rail needs to move so that it is properly aligned. If the upper arm rail needs to move to the left you want to remove the left screw and pull the awning in the track to the left. If the rail needs to move to the right remove the right screw and pull the awning right. Only move the awning a half inch at a time till you get it where it needs to be.

rv awning arm rail

Once you have got everything lined up and you are happy with the arm rail alignment reinstall the set screw. This is a good time to properly lubricate your awning per the user manual. This procedure will work for the majority of manual and power awnings found on RVs.

Watch the video below to see how to adjust an RV awning

cleaning rv water heater

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