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RV Cabinet Door Modification Upgrade Using Blum 170 Degree Hinges – How to Replace and Install Tips

RV Cabinet Door

My RV had a cabinet door under the kitchen sink that drove me crazy. The area is tight and the cabinet door had 95 degree hinges. As you can see in this picture the door did not allow easy access to the deep under counter storage. I used to have to squeeze in the tight space to reach the back of the cabinet. I decided to change out the hinges to allow the door to fully open away from the cabinet.

Blum 170 degree hinge

I chose to use a Blum 170 degree face frame hinge. This hinge is available in different options depending on the type of door and base cabinet you have. For example the Blum hinge can be purchased for face frame, frameless, overlay and even partial overlay cabinets.

The hinge comes in two parts, the hinge and the hinge bracket. This allows for easy installation and easy removal of the door if need be. The Blum 170 degree hinge was a direct replacement for the 95 degree cup hinges that were on my cabinet door.

The first step is to remove the existing hinges and install the Blum hinge brackets on the base cabinet. You can now install the Blum hinges on the cabinet door.

Blum 170 degree hinge RV Habit

Once the new Blum 170 degree hinge brackets and hinges are attached it is just a matter of snapping the two together. The install could not be easier. (See video below).

The new Blum hinge now lets me open the door out of the way so I have better access to the cabinet.

Check out my short video below of the install. It shows the unboxing, pairing and mounting of the doorbell.

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